About the artist

After high school, Rachel E. DiMaio Leach attended Kent State University Main Campus with a goal of obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communication Design, as the Graphic Design program was then called. With around 300 students joining the ranks of the Graphic Design program the semester she started her college courses, only about 10 students remained in the program by the time of graduation. Rachel was grateful to be among that number and graduated in December of 2003 with a Bachelor's in Visual Communication Design.

After taking a ten year break from art, Rachel Leach decided it was time to begin again. She has always enjoyed sketching, painting, and taking photos. Therefore, in 2013 Rachel started a photography business called Pure Perception, LLC. Attempting to photograph nature at its best without using image distorting apps or programs, she photographs Jehovah’s beautiful creation and turns those pictures into cards and prints. On occasion, a filter or an app will be used to enhance or distort a photograph, but these will be called digital art in Rachel’s portfolio, not photography.

In 2014, Rachel opened a gallery to showcase local art, as well as her own artwork, and to offer art classes to the public. She also took on private art students to encourage little ones to take up the hobby. It became apparent that the public wanted to make art instead of buy it, so she closed the gallery store in 2015 and began a traveling art school. Looking now to continue volunteer Bible education work full-time, Rachel teaches art classes from time to time …and is hoping to one day serve full time in the Art Department at Patterson, New York.